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While Empowered Academic Success assists clients with coach contact and staying organized through the recruitment process, I have partnered with OC Athletics to serve clients in Southeastern Mass and Cape Cod with game film and to help build relationships with college coaches.

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OC Athletics

Through the OC Athletics website, register for one of their packages. They will then contact you and schedule an appointment to shoot a skills video at one of their locations. They will be there to run the sport-specific drills while their videographer films from ground-level and above via a drone. When available, they bring an additional athlete to assist with the drills. Each video shoot is approximately 40 minutes long. Within 7-10 days, they will notify you when the video is edited and hosted on their Vimeo page. They share your profile on their social media pages and assist you with getting your profile in front of the right college coaches.


Football & Lacrosse Coordinator

Bill O'Connell

(508) 245-2439

Head Football Coach @ Saint John Paul II High School

Assistant Lacrosse Coach @ Saint John Paul II High School

Assistant Indoor Track & Field Coach @ Sandwich High School

Baseball/Softball & Basketball Coordinator

Brian Tomasini

(508) 517-7769

Head Baseball Coach @ Sandwich High School

Head Baseball Coach @ Post 188

Baseball Assistant Basketball Coach @ Sandwich High School

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