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"My daughter, Abby, had the pleasure to work with Alicen in the summer of 2019 while enrolled in the summer Boot Camp Program. Alicen helped her develop her personal statement and navigate through the common app. It was a relief to know Abby had someone to support and mentor her throughout the college application process, Alicen helped during what may have been a stressful time. The individual attention was key to Abby's success. Alicen provided the necessary framework to organize tasks and deadlines. Abby was so proud of her personal statement. With Alicen's coaching, Abby showed college recruiters she is a strong candidate who is ready to contribute to a community beyond her hometown. As college acceptance letters arrived, I thanked Alicen for her part in Abby's college admission journey. We would have done it without her, but so happy we did not have to. Thank you Alicen, your professionalism and dedication to academic success for our kids is commended and deeply appreciated. ~Jenn M., July 2020

"For anyone looking for guidance through the college process, look no further. Alicen has been a life saver for us after getting little to no help from my son’s guidance department. He left his junior year feeling defeated, confused and unmotivated. Alicen came in and worked with him 1:1 to use his interests, strengths and weaknesses to narrow down his options for possible majors and then colleges to apply to. Start to finish she completely transformed his outlook on himself and his college readiness. He has now been accepted for early admission to 5 out of the 7 schools he has applied to and is confident and motivated to pursue a communications major. Still waiting to hear from those last 2 so we can sit back down with Alicen and look at the financial packages!" ~Kristine B., December 2019

"Getting ready to send Izzy to college scared us all. Alicen Adams came into our life at a perfect time! She has been so helpful and Izzy has enjoyed working with her so much. Izzy went from being so nervous about college to so excited to get the process started after her FIRST meeting with Alicen. Alicen has remained by Izzy’s side and been an excellent resource! We are now all excited about this upcoming year! We highly recommend Alicen! For anyone headed down this road, one call to Alicen will put your mind at ease! Please ask me about our experience! ~Jill B., September 2019

"I enjoyed my tutoring sessions with Alicen. She motivated me every time and we got a solid amount of work done. Alicen relates to kids very well as she has a couple of her own. She never missed a session and is a very organized person. She made me laugh on bad days whether Alicen knew it or not. I hope she continues with her passion with helping people that work with her succeed." ~Nick B., May 2019

"Alicen is hands down the best tutor/academic coach I have ever had in my life! As a struggling high school student, I always had trouble getting good grades and performing well in school. That all changed when I met Alicen. Alicen help me succeed in every single one of my classes. To put it into perspective my senior year I finished with a 2.1 and my first semester of college I finished with a 3.6 and all of that was possible with Alicen's coaching methods. On top of being extremely knowledgeable in the academic field she and I became very close and she gives great advice! Would highly recommend her to anyone!" ~Pete S., March 2019

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